Philadelphia Workshop and Meeting 2007

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Workshop and Meeting

Philadelphia Museum of Art and Winterthur Museum and Country Estate
Agilent Technologies
10-15 September 2007

The Third MaSC Workshop and Meeting took place on Monday 10 – Saturday 15 September, 2007. The Workshop, hosted jointly by the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), Winterthur Museum and Country Estate, and Agilent Technologies Delaware, took place on 10-14 September, 2007. The MaSC Meeting was held at the PMA on 14-15 September, 2007.


The theme of the workshop was sample preparation for GCMS analysis, and provided a unique and valuable opportunity for participants to compare three different approaches to the preparation of complex samples from artworks for GCMS analysis. Demonstrations were conducted by Maria Perla Colombini and Ilaria Bonaduce (University of Pisa), Ursula Baumer (Doerner Institute, Munich), and Michael Schilling and Joy Mazurek (Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles).

The workshop began with an introductory session at the PMA on the afternoon of Monday 10 September, 2007 and practical demonstrations took place on 11-13 September, 2007 in the scientific laboratories of the PMA, Winterthur Museum, and Agilent Technologies. The workshop concluded with a discussion and summary of results on the morning of Friday 14 September, 2007. The practical workshop was limited to 15 participants.


The general meeting was held at the PMA on Friday 14 – Saturday 15 September, 2007 and comprised discussions and presentations on a variety of chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques, and their application to the study of art and cultural artefacts.