About Us

The Users’ Group for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography (MaSC) was established at the workshop on ‘Binding Media Identification in Art Objects’, held at the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN), Amsterdam, in March 2003. During the workshop it was apparent that there is a great desire for more interaction and discussion among scientists using chromatographic and mass spectrometric applications in cultural heritage studies. MaSC was hence established as a forum for scientists to exchange information and ideas relating to issues such as strategies for sampling, sample treatment, approaches to analysis, and data treatment and interpretation. Exchange of information is encouraged by the organisation of regular discussion meetings, with associated workshops on chromatography and mass spectrometry methods. The first of these was the Liquid Chromatography Workshop and Meeting, held at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, in April 2004. MaSC currently has over 90 members, representing 56 institutions in 21 countries. The majority of institutions represented are cultural and academic organisations.

Organising Committee
Klaas Jan van den Berg (Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands/University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Christopher Maines (National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA)
Ester Ferreira (Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, Cologne University  of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany)
Catherine Higgitt (National Gallery, London, UK)
David Peggie (National Gallery, London, UK)
Ken Sutherland (Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL, USA)

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