Ottawa Workshop and Meeting 2019

Ninth MaSC Workshop and Meeting

Canadian Conservation Institute,

Parks Canada,

and National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

3-7 June 2019

WORKSHOP (3-5 June 2019):
The two-and-a-half-day workshop, held at the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and at Parks Canada, provided a unique opportunity for participants to experience several novel sample preparation and derivatisation methods for diverse GCMS applications: pyrolysis of natural resins, dye analysis, and evolved gas analysis for the evaluation of museum exhibition and storage materials. The use of the Thermal Separation Probe (TSP) for thermal desorption and “slow pyrolysis”, performed directly in the GC inlet, was introduced. Workshops were conducted by Jennifer Poulin (CCI) and Greg Smith (Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields). The workshop sessions included lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training on the instrumentation using samples prepared by the instructors.

MEETING (6-7 June 2019):
The meeting was held at the National Gallery of Canada and comprised discussions and presentations on novel applications of chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques to the study of art and cultural artefacts.