Cambridge MA Workshop and Meeting 2011

LDMS and MALDI Workshop and Meeting

Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge MA
9th May – 13th May 2011


Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA hosted the Fifth MaSC Workshop on 9th – 11th May 2011, jointly organised by Harvard Art Museums and the MaSC committee. The workshop was limited to 10 participants.

The workshop, conducted by Dan Kirby, focussed on laser desorption ionisation mass spectrometry (LDMS) and matrix assisted laser desorption ionisation mass spectrometry (MALDI) with emphasis on the identification and characterisation of synthetic organic pigments and proteins. The three days consisted of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training. Participants were encouraged to bring appropriate samples of their own.


The MaSC meeting was held at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum, 12th – 13th May 2011 and included discussions and presentations on a variety of chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques and their application to the study of art and cultural artefacts. Contributions on mass spectrometric techniques, such as direct insertion probe MS, GCMS, LCMS, LDMS and MALDI, were encouraged.