Amsterdam Workshop and Meeting 2005

Mass Spectrometry Workshop and Meeting

The MaSC workshop was held at AMOLF in Amsterdam on 7th and 8th September and the MaSC meeting was held at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam on 9th and 10th September.

MaSC Workshop

7-8th September 2005
AMOLF, Amsterdam

The workshop was conducted by AMOLF staff and covered two MS techniques available at AMOLF – SIMS and DTMS. The workshop focussed on a variety of material types of interest to MaSC members.

The first day provided an introduction to MS in general and to both SIMS and DTMS.

The second day was a practical workshop using SIMS and DTMS. The results from samples provided in advance by the participants were discussed and a small number of these samples were run during the workshop.

Space was limited to 10 participants for the practical workshop, although more people attended the day of theory only.

MaSC Meeting

9-10th September 2005
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
The MaSC meeting consisted of a day and a half of discussions and presentations on a wide range of mass spectrometric and chromatographic techniques and their application to the analysis of cultural heritage.

At the conclusion of the MaSC meeting there followed immediately a meeting dedicated to metal soaps/protrusions organised by Jaap Boon of AMOLF.