MaSC 2015 – List of Presentations

Seventh MaSC Workshop and Meeting
The Art Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University, the Field Museum, and Agilent Technologies
Chicago, Illinois, USA
21 – 22 May 2015

Oral Presentations

Provenancing the raw materials of Greco-Roman glass making
Patrick Degryse

Identification of plant gums in artworks: a promising strategy based on enzymatic digestion and MALDI-TOF-MS
Clara Granzotto, Julie Arslanoglu, and Caroline Tokarski

AMDIS & Excel: a powerful combination for evaluating Py-GCMS results from Asian and European lacquers
Michael Schilling, Henk van Keulen, Arlen Heginbotham, Mike Szelewski

Carbon and oxygen isotopes as indicators of provenance in cultural artefacts: a case study of Thomas Jefferson’s tombstone plaque
Christine A.M. France, Carol A. Grissom

You can’t tell a book by its cover: analytical adventures in anthropodermic bibliopegy
Daniel P. Kirby, William S. Lane

Natural resins in European lacquerware: a systematic Py-GCMS quality control
Louise Decq, Michael Schilling, Frederic Lynen, Wim Fremout, Vincent Cattersel, Delphine Steyaert, Charles Indekeu, Emile Van Binnebeke, Steven Saverwyns

Radiocarbon and the Ancient Egyptian Chronologies
Andrew Shortland

Unlocking protein-binder/pigment interactions by coupling ELISA with MS techniques
Natalya Atlasevich, Caroline Tokarski, Julie Arslanoglu

The use of VOC analysis in the care of modern materials
Katherine Curran, Mark Underhill, Lorraine Gibson, Matija Strlic

Interpreting analyses of paint samples containing both aqueous and oleoresinous binders
Patrick Dietemann, Wibke Neugebauer, Cedric Beil, Irene Fiedler, Ursula Baumer

Scientific insights to the Berthouville Treasure: understanding the connectivity between silver objects in a Gallo-Roman shrine
Lynn Lee, Patrick Degryse, Marc Walton

Binding media analysis of Florentine paintings of the 14th to 16th centuries: on the transition from tempera to oil technique
Ursula Baumer, Patrick Dietemann, Christoph Steuer, Daniela Karl

Novel application of LCMS for the characterization of lipid binders in art: elucidation of the composition of original paint materials used by Edvard Munch (1863-1944)
Jacopo La Nasa, Marco Zanaboni, Daniele Uldanck, Ilaria Degano, Francesca Modugno, Hartmut Kutzke, Biljana Topalova-Casadiego, Eva S. Tveit, Maria Perla Colombini

GCMS method for calculating percent acetyl content in cellulose acetate
Joy Mazurek, Miriam Truffa Giacheta, Suzanna Etyemez, and Michael Schilling

MS investigations into separation, oxidation and hydrolysis of oil modern oil paintings
Klaas Jan van den Berg

Richard Evershed


Poster presentations

Microscale radiocarbon dating of paintings
Laura Hendriks, Irka Hajdas, Markus Küffner, Cameron McIntyre, Nadim C Scherrer ,Ester S.B. Ferreira

Characterization of the archaeological mortars of the ancient Al-Saraya Al-Hamra Castle in Libya
Ozden Ormanci, Ozge Hanyali, Burcu Kirmizi, Veysel Boz, Ugur Alanyurt, Ezgi Ozgul, Sedat Kurugol, Meric Bakiler

John Constable’s drawing fixative: identification of a proteinaceous surface coating by peptide mass fingerprinting
Daniel P. Kirby, John Slavin

Not on your tintype? Py-GCMS analysis of materials present on historic tintype plates
Corina Rogge

Evidences of lignin oxidation in archaeological waterlogged wood by MS based techniques: the case of the Neolithic village of “La Marmotta”, Italy
Diego Tamburini, Jeannette Jacqueline Łucejko, Erika Ribechini, Maria Perla Colombini

Py-GCMS with in situ silylation for the analysis of treated composite archaeological wood artefacts: the ArCo Project
Diego Tamburini, Jeannette Jacqueline Łucejko, Francesca Modugno, Maria Perla Colombini, Hartmut Kutzke, Susan Braovac, Martin Mortensen, Gilles Chaumat, Francesca Gambineri

Tibetan wall paintings in Nako: behind the scenes of Buddhist artists’ craftsmanship
Tatjana Bayerová, Václav Pitthard, Wim Fremout

Study of painting materials of polychrome and monochrome colored pottery of the Eneolithic agrarian European cultures
Kamilla B. Kalinina, Elena G. Starkova

Comparative study of paint materials in three outdoor Keith Haring works: Pisa, Melbourne and Paris murals
Jacopo La Nasa, Sibilla Orsini, Francesca Di Girolamo, Ilaria Degano, Francesca Modugno, Maria Perla Colombini

Characterization of natural dyestuffs in plant extracts and historical textiles by GCMS
Chiara Riedo, Monica Gulmini, Oscar Chiantore, Laura Degani

Identification of red dyes by DART-MS: examples from North and South American archaeological contexts
Ruth Ann Armitage, Kathryn Jakes

A multi-disciplinary approach to analysis of historical red lake pigment samples
Diane Kunzelman, Ezio Buzzegoli, Mattia Patti, Claudia Marchese, Daniele Uldank, Ilaria Degano, Francesca Modugno, Ilaria Bonaduce, Margherita d’Ayala Valva, Francesca Rosi, Francesca Gabrieli, Sara Bellei, Austin Nevin